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Acid reflux/Gastritis/Heartburn/H.pylori infection??

Hi. I just registered. I hope I can get some guidance here. Long post with many details so I can get some good answers.

So about two weeks ago I had Mexican food. 1 burrito (cheese, beans, rice, meat), 2 tacos (carne asada) with salsa (green/red sauce..spicy). The food wasn't really that good at all. Fast forward to 3AM later that night and I wake up to feel my heart pounding. Felt nausea, dizziness, had sweaty feet and hands. I try to take #2 but that didn't work so I rushed to the kitchen and squeezed a few lemons, mixed it with salt and that helped a little. It takes a long time for all this to go away. I hate the feeling of puking, so I always try not to.

So, just to tone down what usually happens to me...

After I eat and depending on what I eat, I ALWAYS get the urge to burp but I cannot! This worsens the situation and makes me feel helpless, and I start to feel the same way as I felt that night at 3AM. If I do burp, I feel relieved.
Heart rate increases and it feels TERRIBLE! I feel my stomach all mixed up, like if I went on a spinning ride from a caravel 10 times in a row. I get dizzy, sometimes lightheaded, and nausea. Feet and hands sweat and feel chill/cool. I start to salivate a lot too. I feel a burp coming out but it just "sinks" back down to my stomach. My stools are normal, no black/coffee bean kind. No blood.

had 3-4 serious occasions since October 13 to today.

-First one after the 3AM night was when I was having a heavy meal at Zankou chicken. It consisted of: Pita bread, hummus, garlic spread, salad, chicken kabob, ground meat, rice. I started to feel really lightheaded, dizzy, with nausea, so I rushed to the restroom and again, out of instinct tried to do #2 but that didn't help so I just washed my face, breathed in and out deeply and have no choice but to take it like a man. Luckily nothing happened. I just rushed home and laid down.

-Second time was in the morning (btw, it's worse in the morning). I had coffee and a P&J sandwich before going to class. During my test started to feel dizzy and that horrible feeling on my stomach and THAT need to burp!!! The stress over the exam didn't help either.

*Since this time, I decided to ask my father for help (he's a Doctor). He recommended I take prilosec for 14 days, take mylanta syrup at night. I also take TUMS when I start to feel it and wow do they help!

-Third time was a semi-serious given that my wife so happened to have TUMS in her purse. I had a Chinese chicken soup (the soup itself is pretty greasy just by the taste of it, lots of salt..). All I had was that and a boba milk tea. I ate really light and I still felt sick in the end. Again, that horrible feeling in the stomach, that need to burp, increased heart rate. Same thing as the above.Sorry if I type it out differently or forget to input the rest.

Fourth time was today. My wife was hungry and wanted to eat at P.F Changs. I already felt my body telling me "hell no, but if you must, get some tums!" We didn't have any on us, but I just ignored my intuition and went ahead. We had spring rolls (veggie egg rolls), almond/cashew chicken, and shrimp lo-mein. I literally had 10 bites before I drastically started to feel sick again. Same symptoms as the above but more like situation #1. Also, I felt pretty sleepy/tired. All of the sudden, I started to feel REALLY anxious like "Oh my gosh I'm dying" kind due to the high heart rate freaking me out, you could feel it! You could feel your heart racing, no? I thought I was going to faint. I went to the restroom twice and tried the same as situation #1. Didn't help, needed tums quick. As we left, we found a CVS/Walgreens and I bought tums. This time it didn't help me as much, but then again I only took two I usually have three. Oh, I also had Gas X prior. As we were on the freeway, it all of the sudden the frikken freeway shuts down for 5min due to CHP doing something, so I panicked. I was feeling all the symptoms as the above italicized. I swear, I was this close to get on the shoulder just to rest. As we got home, I started to feel hungry. Good riddance.

What the heck is going on with my digestive system?!

Any medical professionals or those who have experienced what I mentioned that can give me solid advice will be MUCH appreciated. I'm this close to doing a endoscopy but I want to know if this could eventually go away with some simple medication and perhaps eating lightly for a while.

I've never had any problems with food. I used to be able to take anything. I also don't eat unhealthy at all.
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replied November 4th, 2013
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To do for yourself:
1. Reduce the quantity you eat so you do not overfill your stomach. Smaller meals and more frequently will help.
2. Avoid exercise that scrunches the stomach after eating. A little gentle upright exercise such as walking will help the food move down.
3. Leave at least 3 hours between your last meal and going to bed.
4. Raise the head of the bed 6 to 8 inches on blocks.
5. Avoid tight clothing.
6. Lose weight if necessary.

Take domperidone (Motillium) or metoclopramide (Maxolon) half an hour before a meal. It will aid peristalsis.
Instead of using an antacid reactively, try to pre-empt the condition by using an acid reducing medicine - an H2 blocker (eg ranitidine) or a PPI (eg omeprazole).

We all respond to foods differently so you will need to keep a diary to determine what your particular trigger foods are.
Common 'drugs' such as alcohol, nicotine and caffeine may all result in a misbehaving Lowe Esophageal Sphincter.

See a GI doctor. A simple test will tell if you have H-Pylori which can be treated with antibiotics.
An EGD scope will check if there has been any damage to the esophagus, LES, stomach, pylorus and duodenum.
A barium swallow could show waht's actually happening when you swallow.
If necessary, a pH24 manometry test would test the pressure and acidity experienced at the esophago-gastric junction. Or a Bravo 48 hr test would monitor acid production.

Excess gas making you wish to burp can be the result of swallowing air when you eat. (Take time to chew and swallow small mouthfuls.)
Chemical reactions between stomach acid and some foods will produce gases to be vented. (Check your diet.)
Food remaining in the stomach too long can ferment. (The use of anti-emetics as an aid to peristalsis is mentioned under "medicine" above.)
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