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Acid reflux and menopause

Menopause and acid reflux
I am 52 and was told by a doc that he is pretty sure that I am in menopause. First of all the blood work shows that my hormones are normal. How is that possible? Second, I read that some ladies get really bad acid reflux when hormones drop. Over the past 2 weeks my acid reflux has gotten so bad (even with meds)my upper belly hurts and feels like I have a large knot in the middle. Has anyone else exp. this and if so how can I relieve the pain?
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First Helper peachyrose

replied November 27th, 2013
Menopause & Acid Reflux
I am 45 and am in menopause. I started having acid reflux issues for the first time this year. I also had the knot in the middle. Vitamins were feeling sharp going down. Gastrologist expanded the opening leading to the stomache and prescribed 20mg Omeprazole for the reflux.
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replied February 20th, 2014
OMG..i have this too, it feels like a pain/knot between my chest, sometimes I think it's my heart but I feel better after a belch. Not sure but my acid reflux is getting worse as I age.
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