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aching testicles - Testiculitis maybe

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I'm not sure when this first started happening, but I think it's been around 3 or more weeks... My balls (primarily my left) have been experiencing a dull aching feeling. It seems to be on and off, and sometimes when it comes it's a little more annoying than other times. Both testicles are the same size, and I haven't noticed them being any bigger or smaller than they used to be. I have been sexually active, usually 2 or 3 times a week (usually weekends) with my fiance. We haven't been using protection because of other birth control methods.. Was wondering what might be causing this.. Masturbation doesn't seem to affect it at all. I'd like to go to the doctor, but I don't have insurance right now.. I guess I could try a free clinic, but .. Well I guess that's what they're there for... But, still.. I hate to use their resources for people who might need it more than I do.. Any ideas? I picked up 2 bottles of cranberry juice to see if that helps. I'm thinking I "might" have a urinary tract infection again (I'm uncircumcised so it's more likely to happen to me, unfortunately), so I'm trying to drink plenty of cranberry and water.

Any other advice?
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