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aching left arm

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I have had an intermittent aching pain in my left arm which runs from the top of my arm down to my hand. Its really uncomfortable and makes me feel sick. My left hand is also weak and i cant grip very well. I have no chest pains. Started on thursday 16th april. I havent been doing any strenuous exercise and cant think of any way in which i could have pulled anything. Im a fit and healthy 23 year old. Any ideas?
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First Helper pretyygreeneyes

replied April 18th, 2009
arm ache
i have similar pain and i have just found out i have slipped discs at c4,5 & 6,7. this is probably due to 2 car smashes, not my fault severael years right thumb is also affected.
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replied January 31st, 2010
Ache in left arm, weak grip.
Any updates? I am having the exact same symptoms....weird.
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