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Hi, I am a 15 year old female, and a few days ago, I injured my left ankle/foot in one of my dance concerts. After I hurt it in my first dance, I knew it was hurting and got ice on it and put it up but kept dancing on it because I thought it was nothing. I figured it was probably nothing because I had sprained it dancing in the winter, but thought it had quickly healed. I had my dad look at it, who used to be a police officer, and he said he thought it might be a pull of my Achilles Tendon. He had also suggested maybe it had teared, but no longer believes that, though when I looked up the symptoms of both, I had a lot more of the symptoms of the tear. The following are my symptoms:

1. sometimes swollen, sometimes not swollen ankle around both ankle bones
2. pain shooting through all around ankle, through foot, and through upper leg sometimes, often though
3. places in foot and ankle that feel bruised, but there is nothing there
4. sometimes I can walk on it, sometimes I cant
5. colors of purple, yellow, blue, and green when there is no ice on it

And this is what I am doing for it:

1. On crutches
2. icing it every once in a while
3. keeping it wrapped in an ace bandage
4. putting it up when I can

I would just really like to know what happened to my ankle/foot. I am not sure if it is a sprain, or Achilles tear, or Achilles pull, but we do not have time to go to the doctor, so I would like to know, so I know what to do with it.

Please and Thank You!
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