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accidently cut off mole

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oops. i was kiinda playing with this little mole on my upper chestand my nail got caught and ripped part off. it started bleeding so i put a bandaid on. it scabbed over but if i get a scab (i have ocd) i have to pick it off. so now where the mole was it is flat. it looks like its not going to come back because it gets flatter and flatter everytime i pick the scab. will it grow back?

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replied October 27th, 2008
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Bleeding and becoming infected when accidentally cut or scratched, are common complications.
Persistent irritation poses risk for mole to turn into cancerous lesion.
Moles usually come back at their sites, and this happens even when the mole is removed at doctor's office, but, some cells deeper in skin are accidentally left.

It will be a good idea to stop with picking off the scab and visiting your dermatologist.
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