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Acarbose (medication) and reactive hypoglycemia

Dear Friends, I was diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia on June 1st and this has really taken a toll on my life. Talk about a life style change! I can no longer do most of the things I was able to do before. I was initially a diabetic whose blood sugars only went up, never too low. Then I passed out on June 1st and found out I have reactive hypoglycemia (RH). I am currently taking 1 metformin ER 500mg a day. I have to eat about every 2 to 3 hours and I have some symptom and episode every day. Right now I live by myself and it gets really scary for me. I eat between 6-8 meals a day. I found that certain foods do work for me but just a little bit of simple carb (white rice) will result in a blood sugar crash for me. I want my life back but it's so easy to give up because life is just not what it used to be. I'm aggravated that we are so behind on research with RH and I wish I could do something about it. Now, getting to my question, has anyone tried acarbose for their reactive hypoglycemia and what has your experience been? Did you notice much sugar crashes? how are you managing your diet in addition to taking acarbose? how many mg of acarbose are you taking per day? I noticed some studies that showed the participants with RH who took acarbose 25mg 3 times a day was eventually able to go to 3 meals a day. As a recently diagnosed RH patient, you can imagine my eagerness to find something that works for me so I can get my life back. I have one doctor who is ok with me taking acarbose and the other doctor who believes I am not ready for acarbose and I will need to carry glucose tablets with me at all times. Both doctors are endochronologists. So, what has your experience been with acarbose and what advise can you give me?
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