Why do I keep reading blogs warning that the whole Acai Berry diet thing is nothing but a scam that won’t actually help you lose weight?

What's true?

I like the way it sounds, that it’s healthy and detoxes and burns fat, they make it sound easy but I’ve spent so much money trying to lose weight, I want to know before I try and stuff that sounds too easy makes me suspicious.

Because here I am again looking for the thing that’ll help me keep off the weight so I won’t put it all back on after working to get rid of it… I’m tired of yo-yoing and it’s hard on my body.

I read about another product that says it’s a meal replacement/cleanse, Nulean, anyone try that??

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replied August 20th, 2009
Extremely eHealthy
Because studies that Acai can have a substantive effect on your bodymass are inconclustive. There is no real proof that anyone is losing weight because of Acai. It's very possible that the Acai berry will become a viable supplement but berry diets aren't going to allow you to shed the pounds magically. If you want to lose weight, what is proven to work is healthy diet and exercise. Spend your berry money on a nutritionist and a personal trainer and you'll find that your body looks amazing.
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replied July 12th, 2010
Hi tomsquarepants,

the big "scam" about a lot of those acai berry sites is, that they hide additional charges in the T&C's and promot a "Free Trial" (and it's not free...).

I have had bad experiences in the past with those kinds of websites. Finally I've found one, where it's clearly stated what, when and how much you pay. I setup a blog about this whole acai berry hype
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