Hello. I have no one to tell about this. I've been in a relationship for three years now. We broke up a million times and we got back together again. He is ten years older then me. He is my first boyfriend, I was eighteen years old when I met him. He knows he is my first and I've never cheated on him. He started insulting me and we broke up for good. I started seeing someone else (and so was he) but we got back together. After that happened he started constantly insulting me (that I'm a prostitute and other bad words) and because I'm not quiet and I say that he can't behave like that, he started to threaten me. He threatened to stab me and to strangle me in my sleep and so on. He lives with his mother and he also said once (to me, not her) that he would kill her if she'd said something to him about our fights. My problem is that I can't end this relationship. Every time we break up he starts calling me and he promise that he will change. Of course he doesn't. Please advice what I can do to stop this relationship. I should start working on myself but I don't know how and where to start.

I told his mother what was happening and she didn't agree with him but she didn't say anything to him. It's like she's afraid that he might do something crazy.

I can't tell my mother what's going on because she will not understand. When I was younger my father died and my mother was very young and it got on her nerves. She was actually treating me like he is now (she hit me and my sister and when she was better she told us she loved us). I don't blame her I am my own person now and I make my own decisions. But I can't get out of this relationship. I've become nervous for no reason. My grandmother was also in an abusive relationship, she was married to grandfather for 17 years.

I forgot to say that he was going to the doctor because of the depression.
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replied February 12th, 2013
Extremely eHealthy

Clearly you need to be away from this man and you say you want to be away from him...
If you are determined enough you can be free of him - there is a raft of legislation to help you do exactly that if he is determined enough not to let you go and would make your life hell or threaten you with harm to make you stay.

You need to leave without warning and be as far away as possible. Write a letter setting out the reasons for you leaving and state clearly there is absolutely no possibility of further attempts at reconcilliation and he must not attempt to contact you. Keep a copy.

The no contact route allows wounds to heal quicker and people to move on with less emotional baggage but no contact in your circumstances also means not being contactable. Change your email and all your phone numbers. Change your address if you can and even your name - do whatever it takes to keep a low profile for a time, especially staying off all social networking sites, dating sites, etc.

Meanwhile tell your friends, family, employer and anyone else and build yourself a support network. If he does manage to contact you and makes threats be sure you have a witness and then complain to the police without hesitation.

Good luck!
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