My boyfriend of 5 years' abuse is getting worse.
He has a substance abuse problem ..mostly pills , booze and as of lately again , inhalants.
He will blow all his money on huffing and expects me to cover him until his next pay period for things he needs (food , ciggs , bus money)
I do cave to that and a lot of times buying him booze. To which I say "you promise you're going to be nice and not all mad when you done with this" to which his response is always yes..
And about 90% of the time doesn't happen and yet i still give in. I know he's manipulating me and saying awful things to me like : you're a piece of s** , you're a waste of life , you're stupid and retarded and a fat b***..I've even lost 45 pounds recently and he STILL calls me fat. Is fat comments over the last few years pushed me into losing weight and I've come so far and still with the fat comments.
He bullies me and is scares me. I just know this is never going to stop and I don't know how to leave him.
It's my apartment , he's not on the lease but Colorado law , I believe says if they get mail there then they live there so I don't know if I can legit kick him out. He also threatens me with like calling my apartments and telling them I have a cat.
Hard part is , this behavior comes out when he's drunk not sober ..
I really am at my wits end. I really don't want to have to get the law involved either.

There's also been physical violence. Nothing within a month but he's been to jail 2 times for domestic abuse .
I feel like such an idiot by always letting him come back. I love him but I really don't think I do anymore , I think I'm just dependent and scared.
I just need some guidance Sad
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replied December 6th, 2015
I'm in a mentally abusive relationship so I can relate to u as well. My boyfriend of 5 1/2 years calla me names and says everything is my fault and etc. Its bad and yet I stay as well. I have my own place too and he lives with me. But I know when I tell him he had to leave I feel as though he will damage my stuff that I worked hard for even though he say he wont. But when we argue he says that he will. My bf used to be alcoholic and the mental abuse used to really come out then. He cut down most of the drinking once I had his son but he's stilll mentally abusive. I dont any advice to give u cus I'm going thru the same thing. I jus wanted to vent to someone thats going thru the same thing as me. Hope we can get thru this girl.
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replied December 20th, 2015
I am in s similar situation. My friends and family are telling me to leave him. I just can't turn my back on somebody o love who has an illness. I have been doing research and I found that they are bringing us down bc they are insecure. I am determined to stand by my man regardless of the beatings I get for no reason. He has cocaine addiction and I feel once he overcomes it he will be the man I fell in love with 5 years ago. My advice is to work with it. As long as your life isn't in danger. I'm strong and know it can be worse. I just have to get him help and you should too
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