My friend suggested that I try out a forum because I cannot get over some issues from my last relationship. I was with a guy for a year before he got me pregnant. We started having problems earlier in the year, he was very abusive and controlling. He would degrade me and put me down just for his own entertainment. When I had gotten pregnant, he didnt want it. The abuse started on a daily basis and one day he had threw me up on a bench and put my head through his bedroom door. After this happened, i decided it was enough, so i left. I had ran into him out in public a week later and he tried attacking me. I called the cops the next morning. After the cops took all the info and after receiving a picture of him for identification, they informed me that his neighbors had reported the abuse from the previous week, but by the time they got to his house, i had already left. A restraining order was filed, and granted at the end of 2006. I had lost the baby, but we ended up getting back together. He would say things like "I didnt know what I had til I lost it". Because of all the strain and stress he had put me and my family through, our relationship was kept on the downlow for another 2 years. And instead of physical abuse, it had turned emotional. I have tried moving on, I have even gone months not talking to him. In the beginning of 2008 I told myself i was going to move on, so I did..I didnt talk to him for 5 months. I found out he was seeing someone and it crushed me. I figured it was my instinct to get him back. So i did. I had just assumed he stopped seeing her. Boy, was i wrong. In Oct 2008, I decided i needed a new Number so he couldnt get ahold of me because I couldnt continue this sick toxic relationship. Turned out, he was still seeing her. They are still together. I also found out he was cheating on me since the day we got together, he has slept around many many times behind my back. I do not want him back, I have so much anger. Some Months, weeks, days are completely normal, then others, like tonight, I was full on anxiety attacks and tears that could fill a water jug. I need Help!
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replied March 16th, 2009
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Hey hun I think it is a good thing that you got rid of him..he doesnt sound like a good guy at all and seems to me like he was just using you and i know that sounds harsh because you probably really loved him but honey some men just think it is all a game love and commitment mean nothing to some of them so go get yourself one who does care about it...everyone deserves happiness....Good luck....Jenny
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replied June 1st, 2009
Hi everyone...

just try to read this wonderful story truly makes you feel God's power, love and compassion over His people. An eye opener towards the realms of our spirituality. I urge you to through the links and let know your comments by posting it below. So go on, experience life one's more with God's words...and try to search in google the thankgodforebooks My friend Was sexually abused by Her Grandfather by Elizabeth Pasquale, LMT, CST .... thank you
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replied June 18th, 2009
i was in a five year mental, and at the end physical abuse relationship. i can relate to the belitting for his gradification. someone took an interest in him and he said and did everything for me to leave. so i packed my bags, book a flight to move out of state. and he called and cried for me to come back.
i stayed away, and it has been two years, i have a wonderful b/f but sometimes i get angry when i think about everything he did to me.
i seen a therapist, took prozac, i m in a support group for women agains abuse.
i have a child and i left all my expensive belongs, we had to live in a shelter and start from scratch. so i was anger about how i left everything, and lost everything.
he contacted me on myspace, he moved in the girl he liked and treated me bad for. she's treating him bad, broke up with him and refuse to leave his house. she's basically abusing him. he wanted to talk to me on the phone & i told him no. so he can talk about how the women he treated me bad for who sits on my couch, watch my tv, sleeps in my bed, use my computer treats him. after everthing he's done to me i m the wrong person to talk to. i dont wish anything bad on him, i dont care any more.
i know get anxiety attacks when i get upset, and i blame it on him for abusing me. i force feed myself positive thoughts "it's going to be okay, calm down'.
so your not alone, time heals all
i have a great boyfriend.
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