All I want is for him to reciprocate the love I have for him. But he doesn't care. He doesn't care if I say no, he doesn't care if I'm tired or if I don't wanna have sex. He takes my underwear off and touches me when I say no. He makes me feel bad when I tell him I don't wanna please him orally. He guilt trips me. He uses the excuse, "don't you want to see me happy?" And I do... I really do want to see him happy... but I don't want to suck his dick all the time... shouldn't he be happy just being with me? Shouldn't he love me regardless if I please him sexually... he blocked me on Facebook after I told him he can't finish in my mouth... after I unwillingly agreed to suck his dick more so he will love me. He blocked me.
He blocked me because I said no.
Because he doesn't love me.
Because he loves the sex more.
More than me.
Because I'm where he gets the sex.
I get tired. I don't wanna have sex sometimes. I'm allowed to not want too. It's my basic human right. But he doesn't understand.
He told his family I abuse him. He told me if I didn't start sucking his dick more that he would... and he told them to scare me. I had an anxiety attack. He told them I'm abusive, that I hit him. That I don't love him. I broke down. I started screaming and crying begging him not to leave me because I would start doing it more for him.
He says all our problems exist because of me. Because I don't please him enough... I love him. But I hate my relationship. I was messaging him telling him I missed me and I loved him and he started a fight arguing that if I do love him I would suck his dick more... help me. Please someone help me.

Help me.
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