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Abscess on my leg has returned for the third time, worried!

Back around May of 2013 I had an abscess on my lower right thigh about 2-3 inches form my knee on the outside. I had it surgically drained and tested. The doctor said there was no infection but he prescribed antibiotics to be safe. I took all of them like I was told to. It healed and about 10 weeks later it showed up again in the exact same spot. Did exactly as the last time and it healed. It's been about ten weeks since the last surgery and it has returned same spot and all. I have no idea why this is happening and I'm a little scared I have a form of cancer.
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replied November 7th, 2013
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I have a layman's theory which a doctor might not agree with.

If there wasn't an infection or a foreign body of some description there which your body's own defences was trying to fight there wouldn't be an abscess.
Taking an antibiotic makes a person feel better while the body's own systems drains much of the remaining detritus from the abscess and immediate area and consequently superficial healing takes place.

In parts of the body where blood flow is low or the area is exposed and cool the root infection or foreign body can still remain causing a recurrence of the abscess. The use of antibiotics curing the symptom but not removing the cause, which might something as significant as a tiny splinter or something similar.

If something undesirable hadn't been forced under your skin at the abscess site the abscess wouldn't have formed in the first place. That it has returned twice indicates the original cause is still in there being it a solid body or an infection of some sort.

If it is get-outable it needs to be located and got out and the infection should be fought on two fronts - by antibiotics within the body and at the site with antibiotics, powerful antiseptics and/or a suitable poultice.
Applying some heat and gentle massage to the area would probably also be beneficial.

I hope this mixture of old and new thinking doesn't make your doctor laugh too loudly...

Good luck!
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