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Abscess caused by chicken pox. he's only 2years old.

My son had an abscess on he's bum cheek after an infected chicken pox and after lots of antibiotics, my son is still left with a small lump on he's bum cheek is this normal? The doctor said it's inflammation post abscess and the lump could be there forever. I just wanted a second opinion as I would for my poor son to have this forever as he's only 2years old.
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replied July 9th, 2012
Especially eHealthy

Unfortunately, some times the soft tissues around an abscess will heal with fibrous tissue, sort of like scar tissue. And, in many cases, this is permanent.

If there is still some inflammation around the area, it could still be enlarged due to some edema. If so, this will go down as the inflammation goes away.

Also, as scar tissue matures, it tends to soften out some.

Also, this type of tissue will not grow with the child. So, once it has matured and reached its final size, it will not enlarge as the child grows. Thus, when he is an adult, it will be smaller, relative to his adult size.

Once, he is an adult, if he want something done about it, occasionally, large masses a fibrous tissue can be removed surgically. But, the patient trades a scar for the bump, and runs the possibility that the surgery can cause further formation of fibrous tissue and scar. So, unless it is a very large deformity, it is usually not a good option.

So, in the big scheme of things, unless he is going to be a bum model, it will be covered and probably not noticeable at all. But, if you are really concerned about it, have him seen by a plastic surgeon.

Good luck.
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