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eHealth Forum is an online health community that attracts 4,800,000+ unique monthly visitors. The site hosts 200+ medical forums that generate user-based health information. The site is an interactive, 100% professionally moderated social network; our administrative staff reviews every post.

Our Mission

eHealth Forum exists to preserve and improve human life by bringing health-related information to all people via the internet.

Our Focus

1.Peer-to peer social network

eHealth Forum operates primarily as a social network that targets health conditions. Members post medical questions within 200+ specific health topic areas and receive answers or support from peers. All forum content is reviewed to facilitate safe, open, meaningful, and informative interactions. Forum interactions are 100% moderated and discussions regulated according to guidelines set out in the site's terms of use.

2.Ask a Doctor

The "Ask a Doctor" section of the website provides medical advice to members from qualified health professionals. Certified and professional doctors respond to individual questions which are then published to the public. This service is free to all, regardless of location.

3.Polls and surveys

The poll and survey section of the site supports non-profit, university and government health initiatives by gathering opinions or polling awareness about current health issues. Polling capacity is currently 1,000 voters per week. Polls can be customized to obtain data by country, health category or health topic.

4.Premiere health advertising

eHealth Forum provides highly targeted health advertising channels. We control the context around ads to keep content "on topic," thereby enhancing the value to users, and the ads' click-through rate. Contact us to learn how to Advertise With Us .

5.News and articles

eHealth Forum specializes in interesting and timely news and press releases to health and media channels. We create individual or joint releases with partners, and report relevant news to industry leaders in public health and social media. eHealth Forum also submits articles about public health and social marketing to internet and print media.


eHealth Forum provides a highly efficient and targeted medium to reach young American women on the Web. Our demographic also includes significant traffic in the UK and Canada. Please see our Site statistics for more information.


I would like to thank you for your brilliant 'Ask a Doctor' forum as I have found this helpful and informative, alongside your eHealth Forums. Thank you for this great site.
- Drahn

I was beginning to wonder what the point was to be part of a forum. Now I know it is a great asset to value highly, as we can all benefit from each others experiences.
- kdaggen

I am so happy that a place like this exists where everyone can get qualified answers and discuss their medical problems. You guys are doing the world a great favour. Thanks again!
- Student84

This is the first website that has actually helped me and talked to me about the medical issues I need to talk about. I just want to say thank you to everyone.
- Sarah12892

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