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About HIV recently I got the rashes!

I had a sex with sex worker 6 months before. In the mean time, I do not have any problem. But recently I got the rashes as well as nose blockage and dry cough. No high fevers, muscle pain is seen up to now. Some times I feel lethargy. I did protected sex with condom and it did not teared or burst, and no leakage I think. Also I had hand job only during that period. Should I think it as symptom of HIV? Do I have to worry?? Hope to get reply soon.
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replied November 21st, 2012
Hello Rosab,
Though you had an un secured sex, though your condom breaks, there is no chance of getting HIV at once. At least 30% not there. You said that you had a protected sex with the worker. So no problem at all. Virus not only transfers with the sex, it may with the un sterilised needles too.
I had a kind suggestion for you. You better meet a doctor and have a face query. So that, you can feel better. All HIV's does not be AIDs.
Mental tension leads to several problems. Some time sleep disorders too leads to lot of problems which are greater than Viral symptoms. Please avoid thinking more about this. Razz
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replied November 26th, 2012
I had protected anal sex and oral sex, I have swollen lymph in the neck two days after? Possible?
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