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about cod liver oil,for help

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My baby was born in January 17 2011.Almost all of the newborn babys will eat cod liver oil in China.
My baby was born in winter.There is little sunlight in winter now.We are breastfeeding my baby.I'd like to know if I could give my 15 days old son cod liver oil.

In fact,everyone give their baby cod liver oil in China.
Please give me some advice.

Thank you!
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replied February 1st, 2011
There has been research done on 2 groups of mothers who were pregnant. The two groups' children were monitored for 7 yrs. after birth. The moms were from the same area and region. Both groups were given all the normal pre-natal vitamins, etc. during pregnancy, with the only difference being that the study group of mom's was getting Omega 3's ( it's found in Cod liver oil) as well during their pregnancy. Afer the two groups children were born, they kids' behaviors in public school settings was monitored. The kids of the moms who got Omega 3's during pregnancy had 70% less behavioral issues across the board, unlike the kids of the moms who were not supplemented with Omega 3's during pregnancy. 50% of the kids from the non-supplemented group of moms had behavior problems. It makes sense that the brain is developing rapidly in an infant and growing child and Omega 3's support proper growth and nourishment of brain cells. I would recommend to you that you should do this. By the way, the two groups of moms were all bi-polar. A good Omega 3 supplement should have DHA and EPA in it. I would try to find a good orthomolecular nutritionist. They use supplements to help maintain optimal body health. A good one should be able to give you the required dosage for your little baby. My child ( who now takes Omega 3's religiously) was diagnosed with bi-polar and I did a lot of research after. If I knew then ( when my child was small) what I know now, I would not have hesitated to supplement with Omega 3's. I do not know where I ran across the study, but I saw it in a scientific abstract during my many days of research, to help my child.
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