For most women, removing unwanted hair is a regular practice which we don't give much consideration to we pick our preferred method and just get on with it. But maybe there's another way which would be more suitable, either for the long term or for those times when your regular method isn't the most convenient...


Shaving is probably the most popular way of removing unwanted hair. It's cheap, quick, painless, and convenient. Whether you use a disposable razor or a more expensive model that's built to last some years, either one will do the job quite adequately. However, there are some downsides to this method of depilation, one of which is that re-growth of hair is quite quick. As the hair is removed at the surface of the skin and not at the root as it is with waxing, a growth of stubble develops within a few days after shaving. And while shaving might be a women's preferred method of removing hair from her legs, it's perhaps not the best way to deal with her bikini line. Re-growth after shaving can be itchy and in this area of the body, it can be quite uncomfortable.

However, the beauty of shaving is its convenience and immediacy. It's ideal for those times when you need to get rid of hair quickly, with the least possible fuss; for example, when you're on holiday and want to keep your body as hair-free as possible but don't want to spend too much time in your apartment having to do so. Visit for a good shave

It's perhaps not the method to use for removing unwanted hair on the face, though, and any woman wanting to remove facial hair would be better off doing so by either waxing or with the use of a depilatory cream as re-growth is softer and less noticeable, and shaving can also cause irritation to sensitive skin.


An increasing number of women are now waxing at home, using the "at home" waxing kits now available on the market. They are simple to use, and although they might cost a little more than a pack of disposable of razors, they aren't beyond the reach of most women's budget. However, it does take a little practice and perseverance to get a professional looking result, and the novice may find the procedure a little painful at first. Waxing removes the hair from the root so re-growth takes longer than it does after shaving or with depilatory creams. It's a particularly good method of depilation for the bikini area as there's no itchy re-growth unlike with shaving. It's important to exfoliate any area of waxed skin in between sessions to remove dead skin cells and prevent new hair from getting trapped and becoming ingrown. Use an abrasive sponge or similar when showering to help guard against this.

Waxing also takes a little longer than shaving (although the more often you do it, the more adept you become and the less time it takes). It's a method most suited to those women who don't want to have to shave in the shower every few days, or who don't like the idea of shaving their bikini line (or perhaps even under their arms) for whatever reasons. Once waxed, you can forget about repeating the treatment for around three weeks. Re-growth is also softer that it is with shaved hair, so waxing is more suitable for removing unwanted facial hair.

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