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Abortion pro life

Every time a couple has sex, they should be open to life. The baby is always a potential. Ending a life when you know that you have already created one and chose to create it is cruel and unjust.

If the parents cannot support the child when it is born, it is better to know that your child can have a life with another family, than to know that you aborted him, which in my oppinion is killing him.

If the baby is theirs then why would you abort it? Adoption is not easy, but abortion is even harder in my opinion. Studies show that abortion tramatize the woman and makes it harder to her to emotionally bond with any future children she might have.
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replied July 24th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
yes that all may be true;
also true is that abortion in America could be seen as bringing about a 40 yr (4 decade) long set of decades with lower and lower crime rates.
Now, admittedly I think my stats r better than yours but I would actually need a Mathematician, but since I live in Nevada; gambling is ok here
what do u say to the belief that the first few separations of cells r not any different from cats, dolphins etc?
MAYBE the mother will be 1000x more successful with next baby, HOW DO U assume u know better
since u opened this for discussion that would be my initial take . .
good luck
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