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abortion pill-my experience.

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Hi i felt i needed 2 write this blog to tell women who may need it of my experience of the abortion pill. I,ve read so many stories the past week and most of them sounded horrific and scared the livin daylites out of me! Well i was 7wks and 1day and had my 1st treatment yesterday, swallowed the 1st pill with water and went home, didn,t feel 2 bad had some very mild cramping but nothing major. 2nd appointment was 9.40 this morning so took 2 co-codamol at 9.00 with half a piece of toast and i,m so glad i did, the tablets were placed in each cheek 2 either side and didn,t really taste of anything just went a !**@!, 5mins later i was allowed 2 go home 2 rest and wait for the pills to take effect, within 30mins or so i was feeling cramps but nothing 2 strong and once home i started spotting, the pains never really got any worse they were very bareable and i took ibroprofen between the co-codamol which i think is the key. About 11am i felt a lot of blood and rushed 2 the toilet where i passed a fair few clots (sorry 4 TMI but i think its important) then lay down and slept 4 an hr or 2 the pain never got any worse and now i,m feeling ok and very relieved.
i felt it important to share this as there are so many stories of ppl screaming on the floor in pain its extremely scary for some1 who,s got to go thru it, not every1s experience will be the same and i believe if u are prepared and think carefully about the timing of ur pain relief u stand a much better chance of having a less painful time. Pls no negative comments about anti-abortion i and every woman who makes the hard decision to go down this route have their own very personal reasons for doing so and do not need lectures about how bad we are for doing what we feel is best for ourselves and our families. Its a hard thing to go thru but its the individuals choice and not for any1 else to say its wrong. I really hope this blog can help even if just 1 woman i,ll be very happy cause a positive article would of helped with some of my fears. X
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