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abortion gone wrong

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About a month ago I under went a deep sedation abortion procedure. i was 6 weeks far along. after the whole process i woke up in the recovery room with excessive bleeding and excruciating pain. Almost a month later i am still bleeding heavy like a period, i went to the hospital and the doctors did a bunch of test on me including a sonogram to find out the baby was 10 weeks old with a heartbeat. is this possible?

the sonogram papers they gave me said;

6.2x3.4x3.0cm hypoechoic crescent shaped structure in the lower uterine segment,
surrounding the inferior portion of the gestational sac, measuring x6.2cm and c/w a peisac bleed.

cervix long with a trace amount of endocervical fluid.

now what does that mean??
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replied July 29th, 2010
It means you had a botched procedure and you are still pregnant. I am not a doctor, but a hypoechoic structure means the tissue density in that area of your uterus is different than the surrounding tissue. I do not know if this means a mass or a tear. You need to talk to your doctor and your abortion physician ASAP.
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