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abortion for third time

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i would like to know the dangers of having an abortion fort he third time. I am 5 weeks pregnant. i was on contraceptives but found out that i was pregnant. I am scared of waht could go wrong during the procedure.
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First Helper 7weeksmom

replied June 18th, 2009
Here is what i found after some research:

It is always dangerous. Abortion is not only dangerous to the fetus, but also to the woman who gets it. Just because Roe vs. Wade made abortion, doesn't mean it made it safe.

You may suffer side effects (mental, emtoional, and physical). Here are some facts you may want to consider:

-Likelihood of a miscarriage is 3 times higher after abortion. -10% or women suffer immediate complications, 1/5 of which are major. -You are 4 times as likely to die within a year of having an abortion than you would if you didn't have one. -Teens, accounting for 30% of all abortions, are at the highest risk of complications. -56% of women who aborted feel guilt and 26% regret it.

List of possible Mental and Emotional Effects: sad mood, sudden crying episodes, weaker self-concept, less mtivation, guilt, depression, suicidial thoughts, and sleep, appetite, and sexual disturbances.

List of possible Physical Effects: injuries to the uterus, cervix, and urinary tract, heart failure, ruptured intestines, coma, cervical tearing from instruments, scarring of repeoductive organs, anesthesiatoxicity (resulting in possible convulsions, cardiorespitory arrest, and in extreme cases death), retained tissue (where they don't get the whole baby out), infertility, higher rate of miscarriage, maybe even death Note: Some of these physical side effects are quite rare, but have happened before. I just wnated to be be completely informative about all the possible effects.


And think about it... this is your 3rd one! I am not trying to preach or anything, but you either need to look into other options (like adoption), start abstaining from sex since you have had 3 "accidents" now, or take responsibility for your actions and have, keep and love this baby... i would choose the latter, but i am not you. Good luck on your decision!
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replied June 18th, 2009
A report by the National Institute of Health says this about the correlation between multiple abortions and low birth weight:
CONCLUSIONS. These findings confirm earlier reports of little or no evidence of harmful effects on birth weight by one or by two or more induced abortions. We further report that risk is not significantly elevated even in women with three, four, or more prior terminations of pregnancy when compared with women with one or two abortions.

On the psychological effects of multiple abortions, the NIH says this:
However, multiple abortions were found to be associated with much higher rates of PTSD and social anxiety; this relationship was largely explained by pre-pregnancy mental health disorders and their association with higher rates of violence. Researchers and clinicians need to learn more about the relations of violence exposure, mental health, and pregnancy outcome to avoid attributing poor mental health solely to pregnancy outcomes.

A third study listed on the NIH says:
The incidence of postoperative infection after first trimester therapeutic abortion in this country is low. However, increasing numbers of women are undergoing repeated pregnancy terminations, and their risk for subsequent pelvic infections may be multiplied with each succeeding abortion. The incidence of prematurity due to cervical incompetence or surgical infertility after first trimester pregnancy terminations is not increased significantly. Asherman's syndrome may occur after septic therapeutic abortion.

A massing of all studies on the impact of 1st trimester induced abortion on subsequent fertility, premature delivery and spontaneous abortion, shows all relative risks around 1.0. After multiple abortions, the results are conflicting.

I don't put much faith in some of the other biased websites, that is why I only listed quotes from the National Institute of Health. I must agree with jbean on one thing, however. After three accidental pregnancies and two abortions, you really need to rethink having sex. It is past time to start having sex responsibly or abstaining from sex altogether.
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replied May 2nd, 2010
hi there, i have just realised that the people above who have posted such harsh factual statistics does not seem to answer your direct question....they did not consider just what you might be considering or going through emotionally. Wink And I''m quite sure they haven''t considered enough - unlike those of us who have gone through abortions.

Don''t panic... i have encountered the same problem as you have - took contraception, even doubled it up with emergency contraception : but it didnt work for some reason. Don''t go blaming yourself Wink Life happens. We have taken the precautions but sometimes fate takes over.

I do not think - even if its the 3rd time, that anything will go wrong during the abortion procedure... But I do suggest taking a surgical method with general anaesthetic. This method should be clinically better if you are in a good country with good medical services. Medical Abortion will be VERY strenuous on the womb, and the pain possibly higher given its your 3rd time - it can compromise womb well-being. I'm only worried about your fertility AFTER the abortion.

They have given you the scientific facts, and I do personally feel there is going to be a high risk of infertility should you continue - given this is going to be your 3rd time. But if you consider your current circumstances hard enough - are you able to leave things behind to continue with your baby?

Sometimes life happens on us.... sometimes life doesn''t have to be perfect for it to be happy, or fulfilling. It may seem like it is going to be a problem hauling a baby around when all the circumstances are imperfect, and no one is going to be financially support you, but Smile personally, as long as you can make things work....You never know if the baby might be your joy and your life''s purpose! Please do consider having the baby :]

I did consider very hard, and against all possible choices to have my baby - until my parents stepped in, and supported abortion in consideration of the high amount of mental and physical stress i might undergo should i continue with my pregnancy.

If all else fails - you have too much pressure on your career, your partner isnt ready, everything is unstable, your life is in shreds, you cannot pull yourself together to decide to have a baby, you are too young etc...... - you will have to come to terms with that this abortion will compromise your fertility.

But its not all hopeless!! Just take extra care for your post-abortion care, and eat/supply yourself with foods that encourage womb strength and cervical sustainability... Spend good time recovering - and keep faith that you will be able to make it through a wanted pregnancy in the future. Smile I know it works....3 times is really pushing the mark.....I already considered 2 times for me terrible. Please take extra, extra extra care.

As for now, keep up with the contraception, PLUS just have sex during safer periods/zones....avoid the ovulation period at all costs should you and your partner feel the need for each other. :]

Just choose what you feel you want your life to be. There is no right or wrong in this entire situation. Wish you all the best in your decision - above all, stay strong Smile All the best babe.
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