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Abnormal periods and pains.

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I've recently been to the doctors because of abmornally long perdiod (8weeks +) The dr gave me noresthisterone to stop the bleeding. I've been back since and recieved a shot of depo provera. All my blood tests have come back normal. I've not had any examination though, it's definately a problem as about 2 days after i ran out of tablets i started bleeding again, and it hasnt stopped. Also, recently when I urinate I get a really horrid pain around my womb/bladder area, and I often get shooting pains in my butt. I'm starting to get really concerned that it might be something serious, and that the doctors dont seem to want to do anything. :S I'm 21 years old, not pregnant, never had kids.
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replied July 29th, 2011
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Hi; Megan can I ask u how old u r
what exactly were the tablets that u took (was this progesterone only. . pop)

did dr test for STDs and such,

do u have such problem in your family history

u went for abnormally long periods which were how many and how long

HERE IS SOMETHING that u might benefit from; your body and that includes your inner mind or sub-conscience can in a FLASH constrict blood flow and oxygen flow to an area AND THE RESULT will be excruciating pain.

so here is something for u personally that can not hurt and may fix the problem; GO INTO YOUR private place and have a conversation with your inner self and talk out loud about what u worry over; AND DON'T LEAVE OUT THE THINGS THAT U IGNORE or push under the bed, or decide u need to tuff-it-out and then give it some time;

now u don't need to come to conclusions, u don't need to do anything; JUST HAVE THE conversation and u may find most of your problem go AWAY.

best wishes to u
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