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Abnormal period or early miscarriage?

A few days ago I started the sugar pill component of my birth control and my period has been extremely strange. It started with very intense abdominal pain in about 30 minute intervals with light spotting and then later that day I noticed brown and white clumps followed by stringy deep red blood - but not regular menstrual flow. I am 20 years old in a 2 year relationship in which we are very sexually active. I do occasionally take a pill up to 10 hours late but besides that I am very careful! I'm just worried that perhaps this was an early miscarriage. Before going on the sugar pill I was worried I was pregnant because I had been bloated, had sore breasts and felt nauseous occasionally. Please also note that before this sugar pill set I took two straight packs of active pills without a break. Thanks!
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replied July 9th, 2012
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It does not sound like pregnancy at all, but just a pregnancy test can tell.

If you experience breakthrough bleeding mid pill pack, or another difficult withdrawal bleed like this, speak to your doctor. You may have a slight hormonal imbalance. It sometimes happens on the pill, especially extending cycles.

Best of luck!
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