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Long story short, I will be seeing a surgeon in a few weeks about my abnormal Hida Scan.

I started having gallbladder trouble 4-5 years ago. I had an US done of my gallbladder at that time which showed a gallbladder polyp. I've had 2-3 US since then. The surgeon didn't feel it was an issue then. The recent one showed that the one persistent polyp has grown to 6 mm, so still in a safe range (according to all my reading). Smile

However, I've been on methotrexate for about two years give or take and my liver enzymes started shooting up earlier this spring. The ALT rose up to 158 (on 0-40 normal range) and my AST went up as well, but only to about 60. I stopped the mtx per my rheumy. At the same time as this happened, I started having right-sided pain.

PCP sent me back to the GI I've seen in the past. GI did an EGD with EUS, but found no stones in the pancreatic ducts. The hida scan I had last week came back abnormal (and I had done the second part with the hormone as well). My liver enzymes were improved after stopping mtx the last time they were checked.

So, some questions
1) Is it possible to have a hida scan come back abnormal as in not contracting much and have a normal gallbladder?

2) If a person has a sick gallbladder, is it possible to not feel ill the great majority if the time?

3) If the US doesn't show stones, then what else might cause chronic inflammation?

4) I already have two autoimmune illnesses I'm dealing with. Does the gallbladder get involved in autoimmune disease?

5) GI expressed to me last month that he feels my pain is the gallbladder.

If it is, AND the pain is not constant/an acute gallbladder, do some docs okay putting off surgery for a fews months? I'm having a huge sinus surgery on Monday, and I need to get back on track with treatment for my AS (arthritis) for a few months.

No diagnosis...just some suggestions and answers to my questions would be helpful. This has been a difficult year for me.

Thanks so much!!!

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