The other, I went to the ER.
I was feeling shaky, weak, racing heart & tingly.
I had just had a total thyroidectomy on 8/4 and had some calcium issues.
I thought I was having another low calcium attack.
The doctor ran some blood work and did an EKG. He said that his diagnosis was stress and anxiety and gave me an ativan.
The EKG showed that there were abnormalities, but the doctor said that the abnormalities were normal for me (how would he know that? I hadn't had an ekg done there before) and that it was nothing to worry about.
Of course I'm freaking out. Here's what the report says:

Rate: 97
PR 152
QRSD 100
QT 356
QTc 453

P 40
QRS 23
T -22

sinus rhythm..........normal P axis,V-rate 50- 99
Probable left atrial abnormality..............P>50mS, <-0.10mV V1
Abnormal T, Consider Ischemia, Inferior...........T 90

Blood Work:

BUN 12
Glucose Level 104
NA 141
K 3.5
CL 108
CO2 22
Calcium 9.2

WBC 15.0
RBC 4.54
HGB 13.0
HCT 38.7
MCV 85.1
MCH 28.7
MCHC 33.7
RDW 13.1
Platelet Count 361
MPV 7.80

Neutrophils 80
Lymphocytes 14
Monocytes 5
Eosinophils 1
Platelets normal
RBC Morphology normal
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replied September 6th, 2008
I am not a doctor so I can't give you an opinion on your results. What I will say is that an abnormality is not normal simply by definition. I would get a second opinion. Set up an appointment with a doctor to have another EKG done. You should probably get a chest xray as well. Good luck.
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replied September 8th, 2008
. . .
So, I have an appointment with the cardiologist Thursday!
Hopefully I'll get some real answers then.

I went to my GP today and saw the nurse practitioner. . .well that was of no real use.
she told me to take an ativan if i needed it and to see the cardiologist.
i guess i kind of expected that.
she did do another ekg and the results were similar, but she said a bit better. . . .

This is what it reads:

Sinus rhythm
Inferior & anterior T wave changes are borderline abnormal

Borderline ECG

Vent Rate: 99 bpm
P Duration: 84ms
QRS Duration: 96ms
PR Interval: 122ms
QT Interval: 332ms
QTc Interval: 398ms
QT Dispersion: 16ms
P-R-T AXIS: 56, 41, -5
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