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abnormal cycle behaviors

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the last couple months i have had an irregular period the month before last i had it twice 2 weeks apart and last month seemed normal but had the breast tenderness which never experience and now again not 2 weeks later i have it again, but this time not only are they sore the nipple seems larger. my normal is a week before the cycle i get queasy and tired. any one have idea of what this could mean? on either one.
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replied August 25th, 2010
How old are you? I am 35, and I have been experiencing the same things for about the last 6 months. My cyles are probably about 2-3 weeks apart, very heavy, and last about 2 weeks. Tenderness and entire body weekness (which is not normal for me). I have gone to the doctor and with test after test after test... the only thing I have been told is my cholesterol is high, and I have a vitamen D deficiency. I was put on a super high dose of D and sent on my way with the typical doctor response "if problems persist come back and see us". I also have been under a ton of stress for a while, so I tend to assocociate it with that.
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