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Abilify causing lack of sexual intimacy ?

I had an arranged marriage and came into this marriage with a lot of dreams like any other young woman.After i got married,i came to know that my husband has schizophrenia.My marriage has been extremely difficult.My husband was forever mourning the loss of his ex-girlfriend and i was just a "thing" in his life.My in-laws didnt make my life any easier.
However,i made a resolve to bring my husband out of depression by loving him as much as i could.i saw my marriage improving and then suddenly after 1 yr of being married to him,i discovered that he was having online affairs & sex over th ephone with these women.I spoke to his parents about it and they made it sound like it was not a big deal and made him swear to never again do it.I decided to put everthing behind me and started working on my marriage again.things were fine for a while when i discovered tht he was again involved with online & phone affairs.he keeps telling me that he loves me but is not in love with me coz he was emotionally broken because of his previous relationship.Our sex life is non-existent which he refuses to beleive.he insists that he loves me but is not in love with me.
My question is:
1) could any of the above be related to "schizophrenia"---the affairs,the lack of sexual intimacy,lack of feelings for me etc?
2)should i be leaving this marriage or can anyone help me deal with this?
3) my husband says tht he does not feel like having sex coz of the meds but refuses to talk 2 a doc.
pls help me.i love my husband very much but i dont wanna tie him down to this marriage and deprive him of the love that he can get elsewhere.
he refuses to c a counsellor or get a divorce coz of society.
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replied October 25th, 2009
i m going to try to be fair but i m unfarmilar with your culture.
i was on medication and it destroyed my sex drive, along with my is high blood pressure medicine.
anyway, so he could be telling you the truth. isnt it his duty to please you sexually as it is yours.
i was with a guy who was stuck on his ex girlfriend two years into our relationship, i thought i was being strong to stick it out. but i really feel like it was a waste of time....five years worth.
i would give him one last chance before you plot and plan your escape.
i've been hurt so bad that it is hard for me to trust anyone or let them in my heart. so if your husband felt this way he should not have pursued a relationship with you.
he will eventually get over her, but how long will that take. and when he does it seems like there is other issues you have to deal with like his phone sex affairs.
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