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Abdominal swelling and pain left of navel

Every time I eat anything or drink anything my whole abdomin swells up to the point where I look 4-5 months pregnant which I am not and my stomach is flat until I eat or drink anything. When it swells up I also have a sharp pain to left of my belly button. This has been happening off and on for the last month. I went to the ER because of this a few days ago. They did blood work and urine tests and also a CT scan. The doctor also said she could feel my spleen was enlarged when she examined my stomach. I will put my lab results at the end of this. I also have a swollen lymph node under my jaw on the right side that has been swollen for over a year now. It happens after only eating a small mount of food. I will still have that nausea I'm hungry kind of feeling but my stomach literally feels and looks like its going to explode.the ER doctor said she called the gasterologist to see me but he never showed before they released me. She sent me a referral to his office and said they may need to do a biopsy...I'm not sure on what though. The only thing she said she found abnormal was my enlarged spleen and I've heard you can not biopsy the spleen. So what could they need a biopsy of? And what could be causing these symptoms?

Most recent to oldest [Reference Range]: 1 WBC [4.5-11.0 k/mcL] 7.3 k/mcL (7/11/14 9:32 PM) RBC [4.20-5.40 million/mcL] 4.34 million/mcL (7/11/14 9:32 PM) Hgb [12.0-16.0 gm/dL] 13.2 gm/dL (7/11/14 9:32 PM) Hct [37.0-47.0 %] 39.1 % (7/11/14 9:32 PM) MCV [80.0-100.0 fl] 90.1 fl (7/11/14 9:32 PM) MCH [27.0-31.0 pg] 30.5 pg (7/11/14 9:32 PM) MCHC [31.0-37.0 gm/dL] 33.8 gm/dL (7/11/14 9:32 PM) RDW [11.5-13.5 %] 13.3 % (7/11/14 9:32 PM) Platelet [150-450 k/mcL] 214 k/mcL (7/11/14 9:32 PM) MPV [7.0-11.1 fl] 9.3 fl (7/11/14 9:32 PM) Neutro Auto [40.0-70.0 %] 62.3 % (7/11/14 9:32 PM) Lymph Auto [22.0-44.0 %] 28.1 % (7/11/14 9:32 PM) Mono Auto [3.0-7.0 %] 5.7 % (7/11/14 9:32 PM) Eos Auto [1.0-3.0 %] 3.5 % *HI* (7/11/14 9:32 PM) Basophil Auto [0.0-1.0 %] 0.5 % (7/11/14 9:32 PM) Abs Neutrophil [1.60-6.60 k/mcL] 4.53 k/mcL (7/11/14 9:32 PM) Abs Lymphocyte [0.90-3.90 k/mcL] 2.00 k/mcL (7/11/14 9:32 PM) Abs Monocyte [0.20-1.00 k/mcL] 0.41 k/mcL (7/11/14 9:32 PM) Abs Eosinophil [0.00-0.40 k/mcL] .25 k/mcL (7/11/14 9:32 PM) Abs Basophil [0.00-0.10 k/mcL] 0.03 k/mcL (7/11/14 9:32 PM)

Glucose Level [70-100 mg/dL] 94 mg/dL (7/11/14 9:32 PM) BUN [7-18 mg/dL] 8 mg/dL (7/11/14 9:32 PM) Creatinine [0.6-1.0 mg/dL] 0.6 mg/dL (7/11/14 9:32 PM) eGFR-AA [>=60 mL/min/1.73m^2] >60 mL/min/1.73m^2 (7/11/14 9:32 PM) eGFR-NAA [>=60 mL/min/1.73m^2] >60 mL/min/1.73m^2 (7/11/14 9:32 PM) Sodium Level [136-145 mEq/L] 137 mEq/L (7/11/14 9:32 PM) Potassium Level [3.5-5.1 mEq/L] 3.8 mEq/L (7/11/14 9:32 PM) Chloride Level [98-107 mEq/L] 106 mEq/L (7/11/14 9:32 PM) CO2 [21-32 mEq/L] 22 mEq/L (7/11/14 9:32 PM) Anion Gap 9 *NA* (7/11/14 9:32 PM) UA Appear Clear (7/11/14 9:32 PM) UA Color Yellow (7/11/14 9:32 PM) UA Glucose Negative (7/11/14 9:32 PM) UA Bili Negative 1 (7/11/14 9:32 PM) UA Ketones Negative (7/11/14 9:32 PM) UA Spec Grav [1.007-1.030] 1.015 (7/11/14 9:32 PM) UA Blood Negative (7/11/14 9:32 PM) UA pH [5.0-6.0] 7.5 *HI* (7/11/14 9:32 PM) UA Protein Negative (7/11/14 9:32 PM) UA Urobilinogen 1.0 Eunit/dl *NA* (7/11/14 9:32 PM)
UA Nitrite Negative (7/11/14 9:32 PM) UA Leuk Est Negative (7/11/14 9:32 PM) U hCG Qual Negative 2 (7/11/14 9:32 PM)
1Interpretive Data: Confirmatory test for Positive Bilirubin is not available.
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replied July 17th, 2014
Hi, Welcome to the ehealthforum and I am really glad to help you out.

I have checked the reports and the lab reports are normal.

Since your doctor has indicated biopsy it would mean a biopsy of the swollen lymph node or considering your abdominal symptoms, you may need a colonoscopy and a colonoscopic guided biopsy of the GI mucosa to confirm the diagnosis. You may be having irritable bowel syndrome or some GI obstruction as well. Irritable bowel syndrome can be a very difficult diagnosis to make. IBS is called a diagnosis of exclusion, which means that a doctor considers many other alternatives first, perhaps performing tests to rule out other problems.

For the swollen lump you may need a FNAB (fine needle aspiration biopsy) done. FNAB is aspiration of the material of the lump which is done by a fine gauge needle (22 or 25 gauge) and a syringe. This will confirm the diagnosis as most likely this lump is due to an infection causing an abscess, swollen lymph node or a benign growth. Swollen lymph node is often caused by an infection, allergic reactions, cancer, metabolic diseases, and an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism).

I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and regards.

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replied July 23rd, 2014
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