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Abdominal Pain Seven Weeks after D&E

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I had a d&e seven weeks ago due to missed miscarriage. I was 11 weeks pregnant, but the baby stopped developing around 9 weeks. My hcg level has been monitored for the past 4 weeks, beginning around 2 1/2 weeks past d&e due to abdominal pain. My hcg level has been going down very slowly, the last four weeks it was 150, 78, 38, and at about 6 weeks past d&e, 15. The doctor is still waiting for it to hit zero. They are not able to see any retained material in my uterus, though they have checked via ultrasound twice at three and four weeks past d&e. They said there was a slight chance I had a heterotopic pregnancy, and that this retained level and pain was due to an ectopic pregnancy that was going along with the uterine pregnancy.

From the time of my d&e on, I have had pain on my lower left side. I was treated for possible infection with 7 days of antibiotics 2 weeks after the d&e when the pain began. The third week they did a vaginal ultrasound to investigate (as noted above). At that time, they identified a large cyst on my left ovary (4-5mm) as well as a smaller one. I was told this would take care of itself. They checked it again at four weeks past d&e, and it had shrunk a tiny bit. I have pain making a bowel movement, passing gas, lifting objects, exercising, etc. I have only experienced this type of pain since the d&e. Any alternate ideas about what could be causing this or where I should go from here? I go in for another ultrasound on Wednesday, but they don't seem to know what is going on. Thanks!
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