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abdominal pain, rectum pain, testicular pain

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HELP PLEASE!!!! Rolling Eyes

ok like 4 months ago me and my boyfriend were having sex and we had to quit because he thought something went wrong. well we went to the doctor and they said that he had a small inguinal hernia and said to come back in a month to check it out.. well fot the past few weeks we were in a nd out of the hospital for pain and we had four doctors tell us he had a hernia... well we went to a general surgeon and he pulled up all of the doctors reports and all but 1 or 2 of them said no hernia after they had told him face to face he had a hernia and reffered him to a GS... well his symptons are getting worse and we just want to know what is wrong so we can get it fixxed so his symptons are....

Rectal pain up inside of his rectum, he clenches his butt cheeks, he can barely have a bowel movement and he would go 3 to 4 times a day before, pain in abdomen mostly in left abdomen , testicular pain, pain right under the testicles, loss of appetite, and he sweats alot now and as i type this he is vomitting and he still has no temp... they have put him on all kinds of antibiotics and none of them have ehlped... he also has cold chills

can someone please help us we just want to know what is wrong with him we are tired of getting screwed around.....

Thanks alot
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replied October 12th, 2008
I am a 37 year old father of 3 children and I am concerned due to I have most of the same symptoms that your boyfriends sounds like he has and hopefully he has been cured and can help me. I have all the same symptoms except for vomiting! I have been researching and my doctor swears it's hemoriods but I don't agree at all with that. I am sure that I may have that also but I am at the point that I am actually afraid to pass stool due to rectal and groin pain. Any advise would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks
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