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abdominal pain in middle to pelvic bone

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I would like to know if someone knows why I am having severe abdominal pain in the middle below belly button with sharp pain to pubic bone. When I press on the area it is sore and swollen. I have felt slight pain to the right but not anymore. The first time that I experienced this pain was 8months ago after getting a IUD inserted and D&C.the gynae said its normal. But since then I have received this pain occassionaly but severe for the past 5days normally at night.

The pain is so severe I can barely stand up straight, walking folded double and hurts when I sit or and sharp pain to pubic bone when urinating. Feels like a lot of pressure from lower abdominal.

Doctor did urine test yesterday and although the test was clean for bladder infection that is what he is treating me for. What can this be?

He has given me spasm meds, antibiotics and tramacet.
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replied July 10th, 2012
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I had this problem for many years, I did bladder test and painful prostate test and more. After i did some search on internet I found out I need to do message for pelvic muscle and I went to acupuncture in 3 sessions I feel so good and all my abdominal pains disappeared. Give it a try and it is painless.
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