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abdominal pain and white mucus in stool

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I'm 21 and have been experiencing pain. The last week and a couple days I have had piercing lower abdominal pain from my right side a few hours after I eat going right up under neath my belly button. I have noticed that my intestines are solid. The pain in enough to make me feel nausiated and I can barely sit through class. Also this pain is usually followed with a sore lower back.
I have always had a sensitive stomach and eating is always followed by burping and farting. Stinky farts.
My brother was recently diagnosed with Crohn's disease.

Also I have really noticed in the last couple week that there has been white mucus every time I have a BM.
]If you could give me any ideas to what is going on or what I should do, it would be greatly appreicated.
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replied October 24th, 2010
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Have you talked to your brother about what he experiences with having Crohn's? You should not self diagnosis...but I'd question him.

Have you changed your diet and if so have you noticed that your symptoms increased when doing so?

It would probably be best to be seen by a good gastroenterologist.

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