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Abdominal pain and throwing up

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I have increasing pain in my abdomen and have been throwing up on the hour for 36 hours now. I have no appetite so have not eaten for days along with this i get really dizzy and dehydrated as even water with salt comes back up. Aslo this morning notices i have blood shot parts in my eyes wit a light browny colour andd so now the pains so bad i have to wear sun glasses to avoid the light. This could be a cause of food poisning or a spiked drink when out with the family but are all these symptoms connected? overall feeling really ill and in bed constantly. i have not seen a doctor yet.
Please help if you have any advice
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replied July 15th, 2009
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All the symptoms you have experienced are characteristic for gastroenteritis or stomach flu.
It is of acute onset, and usually lasting from 1-6 days, but, with symptoms being more prominent for the first 3 days.
The redness of your eyes is due to broken blood vessels.
Conjunctiva (the thin, moist, transparent membrane that covers the white part of the eye) contains many small, fragile blood vessels that can be easily ruptured or broken.
Strenuous and repeated vomiting increases the pressure within the eye leading to blood vessels rupture.
Having dry eyes due to general dehydration, is a factor that adds to this occurrence (broken blood vessels of the eye).
If the symptoms don't improve after 3 days, and the eye redness doesn't subside within 2 weeks, see your physician.
It is good to know that some viruses that cause stomach flu, may also affect the eye conjunctiva.

Best wishes!
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