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abdominal pain after ejaculation

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hello guys!
I 'm a 18 year ols male and i got some problems with pain in my lower abdomen area. it all started quite some time ago. I just sometimes, after i had masturbated and the urinated, a strage burning pain around my penis and inside my lower stomach, lasting about 1-3 hours. after this it dissapeared. It happened from times to times, about once or twice a month.
last week it started slowly to get permanent. the pain was not as bad as when i had it after masturbation but it was constant, starting after i got up in the morning and stopping when i fell asleep. i then went to the doctor, who couldn't tell me much, but he gave me some natural pills, because he found no bacterias or something. now the pain decreased over the last two days. it's not fully gone, but today i was about 98 % of the time painless. i hope it stays this way... my doctor sends me now to a urologist to check what it is, though. anyone has an idea why i have this pain after masturbation and why i have (had) it permanently for a week? is it cpps or something else?
thanks for advice ! yes
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First Helper m_18_uk

replied April 24th, 2008
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Hi m_18_uk. What is the name of natural pills that you take?
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replied May 12th, 2008
lower abdomen pain after sex
what is the name of the natural pills and where it is available !
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replied January 14th, 2013
pain remedy
Hey guys i suffer the same pain as u do.just to let u guys know the reason for this pain as per my experience is that it occurs only when we try to hold the ejaculation.just get rid of it immediately or you are going to suffer later on like me:(.
Good luck stay healthy.
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