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Abdominal and Lower Back Pain. Could i be pregnant?

Hi Everyone,

I'm 28 years old. I been sexually active from past 6 months ( i was never on pill and lost my virginity on nov 2010). We are trying to have a baby but are not able to conceive so far. Both me and my husband are healthy. I have my regular periods and do feel cramps first 2 days and then its goes away ( I'm on 30 cycle). I been to hospital twice because i have having abdominal pain and lower back pain but all the time my reports came out fine. I was refereed to GYN and she did all the test and it was fine as-well. I was refereed to GI doctor but i'm afraid of going to doctors because they are not able to know why i'm having pain. I try changing my diet and felt better. during those two times when i felt the abdominal and pelvic and lower back pain, i thought i might be pregnant. I took 4 pregnancy test when i felt i'm pregnant but they all came negative Sad. having negative test makes me depress and stress out. all those times i shared my pain experience with my husband and he took care of me well. I am taking folic aid for about 6 months cuz my doctor recommended me. One last thing i do have extra facial hair on my face but i been through all the tests and they are all fine ( sonogram, blood test, hormones test, urine test). I took all those test apart to 1 or 2 years but again all the results were good. And i don't have PCOP or any other health condition. I started feeling the cramps and lower back pain when i became sexually active. and those pains are on and off and those pains are mild. But it make me worry why i'm having them and no answers from doctors.

I had last period on April 12, 2011 and expected to have again on May 11/12, 2011. But this time i felt the pain during my ovulation. My ovulation dates were from april 24 - 30. I had unprotected sex on april 24, 25, 28, 30. during my early ovulations days i felt the pain around april 26 or 27. This time we tried new way, where my husband held my legs on his shoulders and ejaculated and held my legs for 5 min's and then put his legs under my hips so the ejaculation don't come out for at-least 30 min or so. we tried that technique for all 4 days when we had sex. Normally we have sex every other day or two or 3 days apart due to our hectic routine but we try to have it as much during my ovulation period.
this time i'm not fully sharing my pain experience with my husband because then his hopes get high that i might be pregnant and then he get dishearten but he don't share that with me. I also don't share that how i feel after seeing a negative pregnancy test because it make me very emotional and stress out.

I am at the point where i start to think i'm pregnant and yet tell my self you are not it's all in your head. My periods are 7 days away and i'm going crazy. I'm afraid to take pregnancy test cuz what if it's negative again Sad. I am feeling the discomfort in stomach and lower back pain, feels lil nausea after i eat and slight pain in my breast when i press them. I haven't had sex with my husband after April 30 ( we can't seems to stay away from each other and it's been 5 days without sex) cuz of how i'm feeling but i didn't fully tell him that i'm experiencing all that pains. I can't seem to tolerate the pressure toward my stomach cuz of discomfort. Last night i completely breakdown and started to cry cuz i'm feeling overwhelmed

I don't know what to do. Sad Please help and pray for me that i get pregnant this time.

I can't share all that with any one expect my husband but i don't want to dishearten him this time and keeping all that inside me and now decided to share with you people who might understand my situation Sad
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replied May 6th, 2011
I did pregnancy test today and it's negative : ( i guess its too early to know Sad
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