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Abdominal and flank pain after eating, what could this be?

During the last month and a half I have been experiencing numerous digestive problems. Almost every day immediately after one of my meals I experience sudden upper left abdominal pain and dull flank pain (also on the left side) that lasts for several hours or sometimes overnight. This pain is sometimes accompanied by diarrhea, and passing stools sometimes alleviates the abdominal pain but never the flank pain. There are some days when all solid food seems to be a trigger, and when I switch to liquids and consume only water and fruit puree drinks like Naked Juice for a day my symptoms vanish.

Acid reflux has been a problem as well, but I have not experienced symptoms like heartburn, just throwing up acid and feelings of indigestion. I have also noticed that my complexion seems to worsen when these digestive symptoms appear: I am experiencing acne outbreaks (I never had acne during puberty) and what seems to be rosacea. I have also experienced abdominal distention without feeling bloated, however my lower abdominal muscles became sore after several days of a noticeably bloated abdomen.

I'm a 20 year old female, I have a healthy diet (mainly vegetarian but I get plenty of protein) and I have kept a food diary to try to find a common factor but can't other than solid foods, since liquids are the only thing that never seem to aggravate my system. I have gone from 124 pounds to 117 in the last few weeks, which isn't very dramatic but I thought I should mention it. I constantly feel fatigued, and when one of these episodes occurs all I can do is curl up in bed and try to sleep through it. If anyone could shed some light on what might be causing my problems I would be very grateful!
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replied January 24th, 2012
please respond
If anyone has a guess as to what's going on, please share: I'm getting very concerned. I've dropped two more pounds since I posted this, meaning I've dropped 8 pounds in the last two and a half weeks even though I stopped exercising because I felt so sick and just don't have the strength to go work out. How serious is this?!
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