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Abcess following wisdom teeth removal.

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Hi guys, first post here!
I need a bit of advice on how abnormal my recent occurences are. A month and a week ago I had an operation to remove all 4 of my wisdom teeth. Woke up after the operation fine, was told that the operation had been successful but there had been a bit of trouble removing the bottom right tooth. The following few days were fine, however I started to feel discomfort, and my jaw started to close. Went for checkups with my doctor who first maintained that it was a dry socket and packed it. Pain continued leading to several trips to A and E, and finally, two weeks after the operation I was re-admitted to hospital.
Had an xray and my jaw was fine, the doctors were bewildered but maintained that it wasn't an abcess as I was not 'ill' enough. However three days into my hospital visit, I turned very ill and was operated on the next day without the use of a CT scan. A large abcess had formed in the muscle that allows for my jaw to open and close, it was removed successfully.
Now, two weeks after the operation, the abcess has returned, but I can manage it without the need for an operation currently. My jaw still wont open more than a few centimetres and the pain, although easing is still present. I have to physically push the abcess out of the side of my face and into my mouth.

Right sorry for the sob/life story, I have a few questions for you guys to hopefully answer.

1. How untoward is this.
2. Could it have occured because of a mistake by the doctor or is it down to pure unluckiness.
3. What would you do personally in such a situation - would you kick up a fuss? Should I?
4. Has anyone experienced anything like this before?

Thank you very much for any information you guys provide me with, anything will be appreciated as I'm completely out of my depth with all this stuff.
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replied January 30th, 2012
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replied August 9th, 2013
abscess in muscle of cheek/jaw after wisdom teeth removed
I wonder how you are doing as my daughter had an abscess in the muscle A YEAR after her wisdom teeth were extracted. A lump had formed in her lower cheek muscle (jaw area) after the teeth were extracted and a YEAR later the lump formed an abscess in the muscle (confirmed with CT scan).
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replied August 14th, 2013
It is quite unusual to have abscess after wisdom teeth removed because in today’s world Dentists make use of advanced technology which is safe enough.
If I would be at your situation, then I would consult another best & experienced Dentist.
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