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Abbscess on gum on antibiotics, no sign of going

i have a abbscess on my on gum ,went to dentist now 4 days on antibiotics still very bad painful showing no signs of going,had operation on my spine 5 weeks ago, so my body feeling pretty run down,can anybody help home remedies or homeopathy
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replied May 3rd, 2013
I didn't have an abscess, but after having literally like 12 tooth infections in a little over a year, I built up a tolerance to the antibiotics. This current infection, I called the dentist as usual and he sent over a scrip for the antibiotics (I don't even go in to see him for the infections, this is how many I've had and how often).

I have apparently grown tolerant of the amoxicillin, however, so I ended up in the emergency room a little over a week later because all the meds did was keep it at tolerable pain level.

They changed my anti's to augmentin, and upped the dose.

My suggestion? Go to the hospital, with or without insurance. NO ONE should have to tolerate the amount of pain you're in right now, and an untreated or improperly treated abscess can easily become fatal.

Please take care, and I hope you feel better soon!
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