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A struggle to breath through my nose?

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So I've felt this way for a while now, it all started when I began to lose my sense of smell years back, with it came headaches, fatigue, irritability and all that other good grey area, it-could-be-anything stuff. I had a FESS done last year but it changed nothing and my sense of smell is still poor (along with all the other symptoms). My ENT said that my airways were perfect, he put a cam up there and showed me and, even though I've got no medical training they did indeed look pretty clean and clear.

Only it still feels like a struggle to breath through it. I cover my mouth using a snore guard or just by clenching my teeth but it's very uncomfortable, before long I feel like I'm slowly suffocating if I breath through my nose alone. I don't understand why, my ENT will offer me nothing more than that. Is it possible that air is coming but the flow is ineffective? Or what might else be the cause (other than anxiety, which I don't suffer from)? It feels like I can't get enough OUT rather than in a lot of the time, this may have something to do with it. Should I see a pulmonologist about this?

I don't mind not being able to smell really but all the other symptoms have effectively ruined my life. If I can fix my sense of smell I have a feeling that these other symptoms will go too, in the same way they originally came.

Well that's it, any help appreciated
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replied February 8th, 2011
GOOD NEWS!!! for all the people who thinks that there's food stuck in their throat. Well, it isn't the food that is stuck in the back of your throat. I will share about what happened to me. First, I had a difficulty swallowing foods even water I'm scared to drink because of feeling choking. I couldn't breathe from my mouth because there's something stuck in the back of my throat and in my nose,I feel there's something like a lot of pieces of rice that build up into a ball. I keep hacking to try to dislodge the foods from my throat and my nose but it didn't want to come out. I went to ER for 4 times, I went back and forth to my Medical Doctor and even to Endocrinologist but they didn't find the answer for my problem.My lab tests, x-rays came out all clear they said there's nothing wrong. I always went home frustrated, I'm losing weight because I couldn't eat at all. I thought it was going to be the end of my life. Worrying for my kids who's gonna take care of them because they are still small. I'm a Born Again Christian, I pray to the Lord Jesus... I trust Him, He created us so He will be the one who will heal us. He used my husband and my dad as an instrument to prove that He (Jesus) is the Healer. My husband always insisted that I have a tonsilitis but I just ignored him and the third time that I went to ER the MD told me that my tonsils glands were swollen and they gave me a steroid that they mixed into orange juice. It helped about my hard time swallowing but the stuck problem in my throat and in my nose were still there that's why it's hard for me to breathe. My dad told me about the MUCINEX D that you can buy over the counter but they keep it inside the pharmacy with the prescription medicines. You have to explain to the pharmacist first what your symptoms are before they sell it to you. For the fourth time that I went to ER, the doctor told me that she's going to discharge me because my x-ray was clear and told me sorry that they couln't help me anymore and sending me home frustrated again. Like what I said, I trust God with all my heart, by faith I know He will heal me. I trust Him, I accept Him as my Personal Savior. He answered my prayer... Before I left the ER, I took the 2 capsules of MUCINEX D from my bag. While my husband was driving...after 30 mins. I can feel the stuff from my nose dripping down inside and I felt good, I can was the mucus stuck inside...God will make a way, where there seems to be no way...Glory to God!!!

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It's my second day of recovery and I started to eat soft rice, I finished the first bowl "Praise the Lord". I can still feel the mucus in my throat but I know the medicine still working so I just continue taking it on time, 2 capsules every 12 hours but if you feel that the mucus loosen out already just stop taking the Mucinex D and drink plenty of fluids to help loosen all the mucus in your throat. I know that the mucus stuck inside the reason of choking because I can feel it. Now, I'm starting the nebulizer treatment to help loosen the mucus inside and I just keep hacking the mucus out if I feel on my throat. With the help of God, by faith I know I can eat again normally without fearing of choking.
I hope it can help for all the people who's suffering with my same problem. Just trust to our Lord Jesus, nothing is impossible...
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