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a steady headache since my "period' ended...

Three and a half weeks ago, I had protected intercourse and from the best of my knowledge the condom did not break, and everything stayed inside of it when he came but I decided to take Plan B just in case. About two weeks after taking the pill, I had a period that came a day earlier than normal and had a pretty steady flow for 2.5 days. However, it was not as heavy as it normally is as I usually have VERY heavy periods. I have since then taken multiple pregnancy tests at home as well as one at the doctor's that all have come up negative. However, I have and a steady headache since my "period' ended, along with some excessive burping and indigestion/heartburn....I have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder in the past so I'm not sure if they are symptoms that come along with that or if they are pregnancy symptoms....Could I still be pregnant?!!! I am terrified....
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replied January 11th, 2014
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You probably aren't pregnant.

Emergency contraception is designed to cause an abortion if conception has taken place. It is quite strong medication that can have the side effect of disrupting the menses and sometimes disrupts them a lot.

Your symptoms sound as though they are being caused by undue anxiety and you need to know there is nothing like anxiety for affecting the periods and creating false symptoms, poor breathing (that makes a person feel really ill) and poor digestion.

I suggest you try really hard to get a handle on your anxiety levels or any enjoyment you gain from sex or love-making will be cancelled out by your anxiety about the possible consequences in the weeks afterwards and that would be a great pity.

I strongly suggest you arm yourself with knowledge and a method of contraception you are in control of. I suggest you visit your local family planning clinic for a chat about things.

Good luck!
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replied January 12th, 2014
Thank you for your kind and informed response! My close friends all agree, and I am also trying to as well that I am not pregnant and I am trying to attribute the gurgle-like sounds in my stomach, as well as the fact that I have been wanting to sleep all day to the fact that I've just been overly stressed about the situation. To be on the safe side, I took a first response test this morning, 26 days after intercourse, and it came up negative right away so I think it has helped ease my mind some. I'm pretty sure the whole reason I was so nervous in the first place was that I was not on birth control at the time of intercourse and condoms alone being used have always made me pretty nervous as well. The condom never slipped off, it just was a little looser than I thought it should be during sex, plus the fact that the sex was pretty rough and I had some light cramping for the next couple days was the only reason I took Plan B in the first place. I'm pretty sure that I would have never even taken it had I been 100% sure that when he came everything was in the condom, but when I asked him about a couple weeks later, he said he just remembered the condom being "full" and he pulled out right after, so I have a feeling I was fine in the first place. Normally, a potential pregnancy would be welcome but I am just finishing college this year and it would definitely be crushing for my dreams, plus the guy that I slept with I do not see a future with as well. I am however going on birth control right away as I should have been before. I also have an appointment to see my therapist tomorrow so hopefully he will be able to help me FULLY get over my anxiety about this whole thing....
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