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a recurring yeast infection on Penis?

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Hi, I have a red rash on the underside of my penis, beginning right on the underside of the tip and extending about half way down. This is the fourth time in approximately four months that I have had it. My penis is circumcised. Initially, about four months ago, I had an area with a little rug burn. My wife had been taking antibiotics, so we were using condoms while having sex (we usually don't). A few days later, I woke up to intense itching at the location of the rash, and noticed that the area was a pale red color and inflamed. The area was puffy looking and in an oval shape. About 3 or 4 days later, after applying some hydro-cortisone cream, the swelling went down but then the area got bright red and the skin started peeling. It also looked kind of wet, and there may have been some clear or white pus. I went to see a doctor (I think it was actually a nurse practitioner) at this point, and was told that it was likely a yeast infection and prescribed Ecanozole (1%) cream. After applying the cream, the patch started getting better, but it took another 1-2 weeks for the skin to fully heal (parts of the raw area had scabbed over).

A couple of weeks later, after stopping using the cream, the spot came back, exactly like before, beginning with an itchy pale colored swollen looking patch. I started putting the cream on, and the swelling and itching went down within a day or two, but the spot still got raw and took a while to fully heal. This then happened two more times over the following two months. One thing that I have noticed is that each time the rash has come back has been about a day after I have gone in a hot tub. I suspected this may be the case so I sat in a hot tub for about 20 minutes while visiting my parents house a few days ago and, sure enough, the rash came back. I had put the Ecanozole cream on before and took a shower and reapplied immediately after, but, sure enough, the next day the rash was back.

Does this sound like a recurring yeast infection? Do I need to see someone again to get something stronger, or just avoid hot tubs? If so, do you think that I need to avoid hot tubs forever?
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