I am a 21 year old female
4 months ago I went to the dr for a regular check up and my blood pressure readings were normal- 120/83,
Recently I went to the doctor for a cough/cold and my blood pressure was quite high - 137/89.. The doctor said this is normal if I had been taking any cold medicine although I had only taken mucinex once days before going to the doctor.
Is there any reason my bp is so high? It's very concerning because I am so young at 5'2" and 135pounds.
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replied December 13th, 2014
hi mam, i was just concern about your situation right now.... i have a suggestion to you and i think this will make you healthier... why dont you use grape seed or a kryptorganic.... just pm me....i have an offer to you annd i will assure your health to be good....
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