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a new diet for diabetic

for a diabetic diet i suggest certain food at certain times ,low calorie high protein . and the most important is you have to eat some healthy snacks per two hours . it will stimulate your pancreas to secrete insulin per hours and will improve the function of the pancreas . i found this from a book , and my friend tried . it really works . so if you want to tried just do it . it is simple . 250g vegetalbe and 70 g premium protein every meat . and 70g premium protein for snacks per hours . keep doing it for a month you will know ........

and you have to walk 8000 steps every day .
you need a food scale .small but accurate one .i suggest a pedometer . Omrom is better .

tried it ........
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replied August 31st, 2015
Hey, I suggest a healthy eating plan including a wide variety of foods like:

whole grains
non-fat dairy products
lean meats
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