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A Manic episode?

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Over the bast 8 days one of my closest friends has totally changed his personality. He has suffered from pretty severe depression before(talked lots of suicide but never really wanted to get medicated). Over the past 5 days he has seemed on top of the world. It seems like he is on a drug like cocaine, however when I read up on Mania, all the symptoms seem to be there. He thinks he is the best possible human being on earth and has been constantly harassing his ex-girlfriend and all his good close friends(including myself). He goes on crazy rants and posts crazy stuff on facebook about how shitty all of his friends are. None of us do drugs or anything and are really trying to be supportive. However, I really worry for him because he has not been sleeping, has been destructive, and hit a friends car while driving after drinking. I really want to get him to the hospital but he says he doesnt need help and is just speaking the truth of how shitty all his friends are. At this point I really worry for his safety but am not sure what to do. There is a group of like 8 of his closest friends that all feel very similar

What do we do? Any suggestions would be great.

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