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a lot of complex issues, any advice?

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this is a lot of stuff... so be prepared to read, I tried to shorten it as much as possible though!
so a little after I was born, my dad supposedly made up some excuse to my mom saying that he couldn't have sex with her anymore. and because of this she had the right to go off and have sex with other guys cause its unfair to her. but my mom being a good wife didn't go have sex with other guys. this was about 15-16 years ago. but my mom came to realize she was being stupid and started going off and having sex with multiple men. and my parents are both very attractive. I don't know the reason as to why he couldn't have sex, and my mom tells me she doesn't know either, but I have a feeling she does know and she's just not telling me. by the way I'm getting all this information from my mom, my dad doesn't know anything about me knowing... so my mom and I recently discovered that my dad has been having sex for the past few years and that he currently has a girlfriend. we found this out by stuff around his apartment. (he lives in another state than ours because of business) my mother confronted him about this and turns out he denied having a relationship but he has had sex in the past. but we know for a fact he has a girlfriend and what not.. so I feel so betrayed and disgusted at this fact that he's lying. I've always looked up to him and given him so much respect, and now whenever he calls I wanna scream. but I have to act as if I don't know sh*t..
so my parents have been on the verge of getting divorced, but never did because of me. so now I have that guilt over me.
so all this is eating me up inside.. I currently have a therapist and I've been telling him about it, but not everything. I'm too embarrassed. and the reason I have a therapist is because I've had some problems in the past with drinking, cutting, and being bulimic. and no one knows this but I still continue all three of these, but not as much and not noticeably. and my parents are telling me how I don't need a therapist because I'm perfectly fine, which also pisses me off.
i mean.. I know this is all over the place, but I just don't know what to do with everything. none of my friends know I have any of these problems, except one. and I completely regret even telling him in the first place, but I was drunk when I did. all of my best friends are clueless and I just feel so guilty for not telling them about anything. and just to point out, I'm not some low self esteemed girl with no friends. I have tons of friends, straight A's, wealthy, and everything you could imagine. just not such a great family and stupid mistakes that I made in the past which resulted in all these issues.
so basically anyone have any advice? do I have the right to tell my friends any of this? like... do these problems seem severe to you at all? or is it common for families to experience this stuff and I'm just over reacting, cause I really have no idea what to think.
and I really apologize that this is so long!
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