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A little scared, probably just paranoid.

So on thursday I had sex.
And I am not on Birth control, but we used a condom.
The condom rolled up at the end a bit but did not break and was kinda lube-y.
He did have pre ***, but we were at a angle where the end was up, but a little bit of goo got around the opening (you know where) so we stopped before he came (1 min in) and I found the goo there. I washed it out throughly, then we went swimming in a chlorinated pool. Is there a chance I'm preggers, this happened thursday night, I used plan b, or some other dr. prescribed pill, my stomach feels funky, nausea once and a while, the second time I took it (as it was prescribed to me) The first time I did not feel sick at all.
Also we are not sure if the goo was lube, or precum we don't think it was cause the precum is supposed to on the tip and didn't really move from there.
Also wondering how long does plan b delay your period and if I wasn't pregnant what are the affects it will have?
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replied April 1st, 2011
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