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A few questions about diet

A little background first...
When I was younger, I use to have some low blood sugar issues, but it was maintained pretty well by eating at regular intervals and steering clear of mass amounts of sugar. I have also been pretty heavy into fitness and followed a typical body builder type diet for many years. In the last 4 years I have developed CFS/FM (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia). And this has caused my eating habits to steer away from more healthy choices (lack of energy to cook and lack of motivation since I can't do much exercise). I still typically eat fairly healthy most of the time though. In the past 6mos I have had probably 5 bad low blood sugar attacks. They happened seemingly out of nowhere and were really fast crashes where I get racing heart, dizzy/spacey, sweating ect. A single tic tac or a sip of OJ usually makes me feel immediately better....and I then eat some protein. Earlier this week, I had the worst attack yet ( I stupidly ate fiber one cereal with unsweetened almond milk for breakfast and waited 4hrs before I ate anything else). So, with it seeming to be getting worse and more often, I feel I really need to get strict about my diet. I do have some questions:

1) I have done a lot of reading and it seems like many people have certain foods that they just can't handle. I know one of mine is cereal if it is eaten on an empty stomach. But, how do you go about pin pointing all foods you may need to avoid? (I do not always get awful symptoms, and with the other medical issues I have going on, it's hard to tell what may be from what often times).

2) If there is a food that is suppose to typically be avoided (ie: peanuts), but seems to be ok for me should i avoid it or keep eating? I have found that about 5 peanuts in between meals seems to prevent spacey/dizzy, feelings.

3) I usually do about .5-1g of protein per pound of body weight (more when I am able to work out), but I know I can't eat the same amount of carbs I am use to. Any suggestions on how many carbs a day?

4) I am planning to try ezekiel bread as one bread substitute. I love chili with beans, or bean salads ect. And I have read conflicting info on whether beans are ok or not. If they are, which ones are best?

5) Is it reasonable to be able to eat pasta that is veggie pasta (ie: spinach, tomato ect)? Or is this a no-no?
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replied December 5th, 2011
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1. I think a food diary can help with this issue. If you don't have a reliable reaction to things, it might take a while to see a pattern, but eventually, you will, like you did with cereal.

With the other issues, I think you should see a nutritionist. You have a special case with your CFS/FM coupled with your hypoglycemia. Your insurance should cover nutritional counseling, especially if it's medically necessary. They can help you design a plan that works for you and help you with what to eat and how much of each thing. I've also heard that some foods are good or bad for Fibro (although people say that about almost every disease, so maybe it's bunk).

Also, have you had a full medical work-up to see if they can find the reason for your hypoglycemia and if it can be treated? You also could be having hypoglycemia now because of some medication you are taking for your CFS/FM or it could be making it worse.
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replied February 2nd, 2012
I am in your boat however my attacks are much much worse. I have cirrohsis of the liver, autoimmune hepatitis, etc. i dont think there is one single body part that works. I got diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia which is when any form of sugar cause my body to keep producing glucose because it doesnt know when my sigar is stabilized and it hits the 40s quite often. I have had approx. 6-7 crashes a day for the past two months and i have felt as though i have been living in a dream. it doesnt even seem like i am driving ( so i stopped) and cant remember what i did 5 minutes ago. for the past week i have been eating the steam fresh lea cuisine meals for which they have approx 15- 25 grams of protein per pouch or box. they are about $2.50-3 per meal but the beefits of not having my sugar drop beats the price. i have also been eating whole grain flour bread. enriched bleached flour is killing everyone and making everyone gain weight. i have also been eating fresh fruit and vegetables and smoothies made with plain yogurt and milk made at home with fresh fruit. it takes a ouple of days to get in the right eating habits but the benefits are amazing. im a normal person today and i have not had to check my sugar due to my sugar dropping. and i am not scared to drive any longer because i have not blacked out. i hope this helps!
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