so i had unprotected sex in december. i'm a woman. i haven't had any unprotected sex since then. i had oral sex performed on me a few months ago, but that's it.

i have this crippling fear of contracting HSV2. i had two vaginal yeast infections in the past few months, and atrophic vaginitis (which i went on hormonal therapy for, which also didn't work out as the medication had unpleasant side effects.) Otherwise, though, my gynecologist says everything looks good - i've had a pap smear, urinalysis etc since having unprotected sex and the only thing that showed up was that i had a yeast infection.

i have no symptoms of HSV2, i have never had any sores down there, but i know sometimes things are dormant and whatnot.

should i be worried? i always get random vaginal pains, and with my history of infections i'm a tad worried. i know serious anxiety (which i have - like i said, it's a crippling fear) can cause genital pain.
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replied May 12th, 2015
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I wouldn't worry. Usually when you contract HSV (as a woman) the undeniable sores appear within 24-36 hours. I have HSV1 as well as anxiety, so I understand your worry, but if you haven't had any kind of reaction (and trust me, you'd know) since December, you're fine.
If you're really concerned, a blood test can confirm, but in women because of the fragile vaginal tissue, the symptoms appear almost immediately. Since you didn't have any, I would say you're fine.
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