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A bubble in my lower left side/intestine/abdomen

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Hello All,

Yes hello I am posting for help because i have what feels very much like a bubble in my stomach, on the lower left side. Only one bubble, a distinct and pronounced bubble.

Is very uncomfortable and doesn't hurt if I am taking it easy but if I am working or lifting things it will begin to hurt in a "pinching" kind of way. Almost feels like the bubble is contracting until it pinches.

It has been a month now since the symptoms started. First thought it was gas, and had a light work week that week. Laid around a whole weekend drinking coffee in hopes of clearing it but no result. Bowel movements have been completely normal. Went to work and it hurt and made work hard. Roomate thought it could be appendix but now seems unlikely. Doctors thought it might be a hernia and gave me a Ultrasound but told me there were no signs of one and i am thin enough that they said they would have seen one easily if there had been one. Seemed to go away for a little while but not really and now I can feel it as much as ever, like someone shoved a golf ball in me and just left it there. Is exhausting, either because it is causing a problem or because I am always fixated on the bubble I don't know. It is a constant worry.

I am 32 and do not have a history of any kind of other medical problems. Up until this strange anomaly I have been very fit and working a demanding physical job in the Navy. My contract is about up and I am currently on leave so any help anyone can afford to speed my recovery would be greatly and sincerely appreciated.

Thank you,
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replied March 3rd, 2013
have you found out what the pain was caused by?
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replied May 26th, 2013
your suffering from:
Precordial Catch Syndrome.
I also have it and it only happens when im at work but there's no cure but it isn't threatening in any way just really uncomfortable like hell..
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